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 Veterans Point Louisiana          501c3 Non-Profit

Veteran Resource Center

We have been blessed to help veterans through resources at our Resource Center. We are located at

 308 W. MLK Jr. Drive Opelousas, La.

Please view the Resource Center page for more information.

 Women Shelter  

  All homeless women are welcome. However, veterans has priority.

 Please view this page below for more information.

*** Currently relocating at this time. Updates coming soon. 


We can not thank the Refinery for their support, encouragement, and endorsement. It is an honor for someone who has accomplished great achievements to believe in us. 

Thanks again Mr. Carrier,  you are appreciated!

Veteran Women Shelter

 (Non-Veterans emergency only)

***Currently relocating at this time***

Opelousas, La 70570


Welcome, we are so grateful that God has given us a chance to reach out and help those in need. 

 We are partnering with various caseworkers, and other organizations to help make a difference. 

 We are all worthy, and VPL will make sure, you know that. 


              Veterans we are here for you!!!


What better way to show love to those who have sacrificed so much for us, than coming together as a  community team effort. We can break through the red tape that hinders their process in any area, over and over again!!!


Our History

We have been assisting veterans since 2010. This organization was formerly known as Smile God Is Here before changing its name to Veterans Point Louisiana in 2019. We began with a simple “Thank You” giveaway event, which included items and gifts such as heating/cooling window units, insulated windows, gas cards, dinners, and hotel getaways. Two years later, we started helping veterans repair their homes.

Due to a lack of manpower, our organization has now transitioned to helping veterans acquire resources and assistance while continuing home repairs. With our commitment and the continued support of other generous people, we hope to continue providing our services for many more years to come.

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